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  • Presidential statement, 15 March 2020


UPM case to dissolve council and appoint administrator

Part 1 of Judgement

Part 2 of Judgement

AGM 2019


Chair’s report

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Nair (Amatola Water) water infrastructure slides

AGM 2018 minutes

Chairperson’s Report 2018

Treasurer’s Report 2018

GBF presentation

Makana Revive Presentation

Water crisis

Makana documents

Mayor Water crisis Media Release (21 January 2019)

Makana Water Crisis FAQ (21 January 2019)


Other organizations

Rhodes University updated water procedures (29 January 2019)

Rhodes University Water crises communiqué (23 January 2019)


Public participation documents

Albany Wind Energy proposal

Background Information Document_V1 (18 June 2018)

Albany Wind Energy Facility Notice of Environmental Impact Assessment (18 June 2018)


Makana Turnaround

Final report of the Advanced Team visit to Makana Municipality (25 April 2018)

Grahamstown Name Change

Eastern Cape Provincial Geographic Names Committee Response (20 November 2017)

Grahamstown GRA name change submission (29 May 2016)

Amanzi for Food Training of Trainers Course

Amanzi for Food Flyer (9 October 2017)

Amanzi for Food Application Form (9 October 2017)

Concerned Citizens Committee to Save Makana (CCCSM) and Makana Revive! documents

Makana Revive! – February 2019 Newsletter (20 February 2019)

Makana Revive! – Q1 2018 Newsletter (3 April 2018)

Makana Revive! – Letter of Thanks (6 February 2018)

Letter to Citizens (11 January 2018)

Makana Municipal Manager Interview Panel (10 January 2018)

CCCSM Call to action (21 November 2017)

CCCSM letter to the Makana Mayoral Committtee (25 October 2017)

CCCSM – Press Release (8 August 2017)

GRA Report (4 August 2017)

Office of The Premier Summary and Response (2 August 2017)

Agenda – Meeting with the Concerned Citizens of Makana (28th July 2017)

Makana Response (19 July 2017)

COGTA response (19 July 2017)

CCCSM letter (17 July 2017)

Press Release (14 July 2017)

Letter Of Concerned Citizens Of Makana To The Executive Mayor (5 July 17)

Makana notices and public documents

Grahamstown Incinerator Draft Basic Assessment Report Executive summary (October 2017)

Speed hump policy, flow chart illustrating the process and petition documents

Draft Speedhump Policy (August 2011)

flow chart



Commonage policy (undated)

REVCO Progress Report (15 August 2017)

Dive Report Settlers Dam and Howiesons Poort (July 2017)

Grey Dam Inception Report (July 2017)

Makana Water Rationing Notice (15 June 2017)

Makana water conservation message (e.g. post on Mirrors and Doors) (28 June 2017)

Commonage Policy (May 2017)

Makana and guest presentations

REVCO presentation to municipal Finance Portfolio meeting (23 March 2017)

general meeting at Prime (1 February 2017)

Riana Meiring acting MM presentation – finance and water

Ron Weissenberg Administration


GRA formal documents

AGM agenda 2018 (24 April 2018)

GRA Chairperson report 2018


AGM Minutes 2017 (29 March 2017)

GRA constitution as amended: AGM 29 March 2017

 Landfill site court action

Court Order: Makana Unity League vs. Makana (8 September 2015)

Notice of intention to proceed with Contempt Order (13 January 2016)

Landfill Report in terms of Court Order (28 October 2016)

Compliance Notice (9 March 2015)

Landfill Permit (10 September 2014)



General valuation objection forms (find the official MS Word forms here – these editable PDFs are provided as a convenience) – look up the proposed new valuation here (if your property is more than one stand look up each erf number); the most important thing we are advised to get right is filling in Section 6 or (equivalent section in no-residential forms) with the valuation on the roll and the valuation as you believe it should be.

Objection Form Business

Objection Form Residential


MobiSAM joint strategy workshop presentation (7 November 2016)

Operation Masiphathisane and the establishment of war rooms (24 August 2016)

Makana Organogram (June 2016)