Community in action! A good news story.

When 4th generation Grahamstonian Jade Bowles, owner of Boldline Manufacturing was shown pics of their truck dumping building rubble, he sprung into action.
Boldline’s new driver (who had transgressed company policy) was disciplined immediately. Jade then arranged a crew to clean up; not only the dumped material, but also the surrounding area which has been used as a dumping site for some time.
In addition, Jade has also sponsored two signs to be erected at the cleaned site warning that Littering and dumping is a criminal offence.
I wish to thank those community members for reporting this. And to Cindy Deutschmann for meeting with Jade and discussing positive solutions.
Please keep your cellphones handy and report transgressions. But PLEASE afford those people the opportunity of responding before reporting to SAPS.
Jade, you are a gentleman and an example to us all.