Last week we ran a very well attended event about grey and rain water co-hosted by U3A and because of demand we are running it again. Apologies for late notice – with so much going on, I struggled to find a venue.

To gauge interest, please contact Green Overall at; if enough people want an after hours event, he can set that up to.


• presented by Frans van der Merwe of Green Overall in PE
• Tuesday 29 January 2019
• at Grahamstown Bowling Club, corner African and Cawood Streets
• start 11:00; last time it went for 2 hours because of questions but most of the information was covered in the first hour
• topics:
– grey water
– rain water
– solar power

Feel free to post details of local contractors in comments so everyone can share the goodness. GRA is nonpartisan with respect to contractors; we are hosting this talk because Frans has a lot of good information to share and it is more efficient for an out-of-town contractor to meet everyone interested at once.