Cleaning up

Thank you to the 40+ people who turned out on Sunday to clean up Beaufort Street and Fairview Spring. Especially to Siphokazi Luphumlo Pango who has started this off.

In the meantime, please be aware that the new management at Makana municipality, while shining a new light on priorities such as making sure essential vehicles are working, are also clamping down on things like overtime. Because this has not been properly managed in the past, some municipal workers have got used to earning extra from overtime. This is leading to some reaction which is being managed, but has meant some disruption of work.

If you have followed the news you will be aware that matters have got inflamed and led to serious trouble in other towns such as Stutterheim and Dordrecht. PLEASE accept that these issues are being managed in Makana in a manner that keeps the temperature low, though there will be the odd setback. Some of you may have noticed that not all rubbish was collected today – annoying, but the matter is being addressed calmly.

As with other residents, Makana municipal workers also read FB posts. Raising the temperature and making assertions against municipal workers (most of whom want to do a good job) makes the situation more volatile.

If you see inflammatory comments, please alert us, or for 
Grahamstown page Robyn Cooper or Rita Joey Medved