A breath of Fresh Air?

Yesterday, Grahamstown Residents’ Association committee met with the new Executive Mayor, Mzukisi Mpahlwa.

We had a constructive dialogue with The Mayor which we will report back to GRA members by Email soon. Mr Mpahlwa is quite unlike the last Mayor, ready to engage and discuss issues. He even gave direct example of corruption in Makana he knows about that he is determined to deal with.

Obviously, it’s early days, but there are grounds to hope that things may start improving. He sees GRA as a main stakeholder in Makhanda – so you can join us, and join that conversation.

Makana also has a new Municipal Manager (since July), new Community Services Director and new Chief Financial Officer – making change at the top, which could herald new directions for our run down city.

The Mayor has agreed to make a Public presentation for GRA at date and venue to be announced (early February).