Water Crisis – if you want GRA to read comments, better to comment on original post rather than a shared copy.

We will bring you news as soon as we can about Makana Water Disaster Management Plan.

With Settlers at 15% and Howieson Poort at 23% it means that water rationing will have to start soon.

PLEASE: share this information and ensure people without internet get the message.

PLEASE: re-use washing up water etc to flush toilets – and only flush toilets when essential (not after every pee).

If you see any activity like using hosepipes for watering gardens, washing cars and filling swimming pools with municipal water – please speak with the person: or send relevant details to info@grahamstownresidentsassociation.co.za

Another big no-no is filling tanks with municipal water. That only hastens the decline. If you buy a tank, connect it to your rain gutters and be patient. There may not be enough rain to make a difference to the dams but it does not take much to fill a tank.

The situation is too serious to ignore.

Pics taken 12th January 2019