• When a fault that you have reported has been sorted to your satisfaction, please inform GRA or MobiSAM, so that we can be able to close the ticket.
• The matter of unresolved leaks that were reported between 12 – 17 July 2017 has been forwarded to Ms Ntombohlanga Tshicilela [Manager for water and sanitation]:
o Corner of Leicester and Jacques streets- reported on the 12 July 2017 – issue 308.
o The fire hydrant in the road just past 3 Arnecourt Close
o Consistent leaks from a pipe under a fire hydrant cover in the middle of the road opposite the Rhodes University theatre in Prince Alfred Street (about 100 m from the four way stop with Somerset Street)
o The valve in front of 22 Hillsview Road
o A valve leaking for two months now opposite 55 Hillsview Road
Ms Tshicilela has promised that the leaks will be fixed. However, if a certain period of time passes without any action from the municipality. Please let GRA know so that we may remind the municipality.