Notes on the meeting of the Aesthetics Committee held on 5 June 2017 at 9:00 in the Council Chamber of the City Hall

Attendance: Ms G Mfeti (Building Control Officer), Ms N Nkasela (building inspector), the secretary, Cllr B Jackson (acting Chair), Ms MF Way-Jones.

Apologies: Cllr Louw, Prof H Nel, Mr Tony Lankaster

Presentations by Outside bodies: Mr Justin Powers (joint owner of Standard Bank property); Mr Gerard Jevons (joint owner of Standard bank property); Mr Billy Krige (Krige Architectural Design).

It was noted that Mr C Wallace had resigned after 40 years service; Mr W Makkink has moved to Somerset West; Ms H Saunders had left town.

Cllr Jackson chaired the meeting. As there was only Ms Way-Jones present from the April Meeting, the minutes could not be passed and the action sheet could not be discussed.

Agenda Item no 8/2: disabled* access ramp for Standard Bank at 102 High Street.

Cllr Jackson invited Mr Krige to speak to his plan.

Mr Krige explained that access to the bank was necessary for disabled clients. The ramp would be on the south west side and not impact on the building. The surface would be brick paved so it was not slippery in wet weather. The ramp would have a rail. The finish would be grey in keeping with the colour scheme of the building.

The building was revamped in 1960 and therefore not a heritage building.

Ms Way-Jones disagreed; the Standard Bank is an awarding winning design of 1926 – an Owen Eaton building and is therefore a heritage building. However the issue of the ramp had been raised before and Ms Fiona Semple (APD) and Ms Way-Jones visited the bank last year and met the new Bank Manager who assured them that a roll-out ramp was available to be placed on the steps but when asked to see it, she said that it was still to come from Johannesburg.

The Committee agreed that the only acceptable design would be the western half of the ramp which did not impact on the marble pillars and did not detract from the view of the building and still provided access for physically disabled clients.

There would be a further application to the Council for using part of the pavement (4,5m wide) for the ramp.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:30.

Standard Bank according to Radford Report: Category B building:1930s.

Legislation quoted in application:

  • National building regulations and Building standards Act 103 of 1977
  • Land Use Planning Ordinance 1985 (Ordinance 15 or 1985)

Further legislation:

Notes by F Way-Jones


*The meeting papers incorrectly refer to “paraplegic”, which is a specific mode of disability. GRA prefers to make it clear that the ramp required is for any disabled access.

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