Report on the Aesthetics Committee meeting 13-9-2016

Chair: Cllr E Louw

Present: Cllr N Mtwa;, Ms Mfeti, Engineers Dept and a scribe.

Apologies: T Lancaster.

After the welcome and prayer, the Chair noted that no other apologies were presented and that members were contacted by telephone.

A3 Presentation by outside bodies: Messrs Allen Pikoli and Otto Ntshebe of Instobi Yama Africa Trading CC presented a document concerning advertising signage for the Municipality. Questions were raised about the permanent sign boards, their maintenance and the temporary vinyl advertisements. Mr Pikoli emphasised that the company would employ people for setting up and monitoring signs.

The Chair stated that the proposal would be forwarded to Council for consideration.

[the policy on signage was not mentioned]

After no disclosures of interest, the Action Sheet was discussed.

Notes: Ms Gysman was not the correct person to report on the item (8.1 the billboards at the entrance to the city) and that an onsite meeting for the demolition of 11 Holland Street (8.2) had not taken place. It was noted that ECPHRA had not approved the Tax House additions (8.5) Ms Mfeti stated that the architect is informed of ECPHRA’s decisions, not the Aesthetics Committee.

Items on the Agenda

A2. The two Build-It signs were approved.

A3. The three Plumblink signs as requested were approved; it was noted that four signs were in use.

A4. 65 African Street: Oscar’s Coffee Shop: it was noted that the façade would be altered by the veranda extension of a canopy and boundary wall which was proposed for this building which is a Category “B” building according to the Radford Report. The canopy might affect the condition of the building. The approval depended on the decision of ECPHRA.

A5. 1/3 Scott’s Avenue; an onsite inspection would take place before a decision or recommendations about the extensive renovations could be made. The historic section dated to ca 1840s.

A6 11 Holland Street: an onsite inspection would take place before a comment about the demolition of the house which was a Category “B” building (Radford Report) could be made. The building plans were not supplied.

A7: The painting of the Hill Street stone wall: permission for the painting by Tim Bull was approved. Quality paint was recommended.

A8: Ms Mfeti noted that the application for the demolition of 18 Napier Street (erf 1739) by Kingswood College had not gone through the Engineers/Town planning Department and she would check on the application.

The meeting ended at 15:25.

Notes by F Way-Jones

Notes from the Aesthetics Committee meeting held on 26 April 2016 at 11:00

Present: Cllrs Ranchhod, Jackson and Reynolds, Messrs Wallace, Lankaster and Makkink, Ms Mfeti (and other officials), and Ms Way-Jones

Cllr Jackson acted as Chair, Cllr Louw, was not available.

After minutes and action sheet checked, the following items were discussed:

A2: Proposed demolition of a building: Erf 8051: 11 Holland Street, Grahamstown by Freelance Drafting (Behrens) on behalf of St Andrew’s College. This is category “B” building according to Radford Report (1986 :(3)62)

There was a tie in voting for and against the demolition. Cllr Reynolds stated that the committee should view the site in their own time as the minutes and agenda were only delivered on 25 April.

Decision: matter held over to next meeting

A3: PSG Wealth signage.

Sign 1 (on wall): approved

Sign 2 (on African Street): not approved as this has not been paid for.

A4: Proposed restoration alteration and addition to the existing heritage building: D & N Byers, No 6 Oatlands Road, Erf 2404 Grahamstown.

(Category “C” in Radford Report)

Decision: this item was approved (according to Heritage standards) subject to permission granted by ECPHRA.

A5:   Proposed alterations and addition to existing building: The Tax House Trust Erf 2019 no 14 African Street, Grahamstown.

Decision: this matter was approved subject to ECPHRA approval and building plans agreed to and approval of neighbour (additions on building line)

The additional item of Erf 4068 93 Bathurst Street category “C” building (Radford Report) older than 60 years (query by F Way-Jones and M Hendry sent to Town Planner with no reply). Although this was not on the agenda, this was an urgent matter. Veranda added and alterations in progress and no approval of the Aesthetics Committee granted. Cllr Ranchhod requested the building inspector stop further building to cease until heritage issues investigated.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12:10.

Notes by F Way-Jones